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Одесский хостел

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Одесский хостел

Our names are Eugenia and Olga. We live in Odessa and we have a dream... We want to return our beautiful city its former charm. Everyone knows a lot of Odessa anecdotes and funny stories, all have heard about the peculiar atmosphere of the city. But times have changed and now it is very difficult to find traces of the good old Odessa. We want everyone could feel the whole Odessa flavor who comes to us and we need your help to do this.

We dream to open a hostel with the atmosphere of communal flat in which everyone can feel like a real Odessan, to meet with the main inhabitant of Odessa - aunt Sonia, to plunge into the traditional way of life of the former Odessa. Our idea is that we want to reproduce, not only the lost the charm of our city, but also to give everyone the opportunity to become a part of it.

On the implementation of the idea, we need $ 30 000, but the first stage, we estimate 20 000 UAH. We are at the first stage of our project. At this stage, we draw up the documents and legal acts, and began the repair and improvement of a hostel. In general, our business plan involves several stages of formation and development of the hostel, but the first step is the key, a point of reference before launching our rocket into space, and then the movement will go on inertia.

We are in a very important moment in our lives, courageously and tirelessly moving toward our goal, trying to make something really new and important. The very idea is in the desire to change the look of many people on tourism. See our beautiful city from the traditional way of life of its citizens and its history, infect our guests an extraordinary atmosphere of the city of all shades. We hope to find support and assistance in you, my friends.

About us:

Olga Skakun: a person of peace, sociable, diligent. Most of her life lived in Donetsk, she studied at the Lyceum number 12, up to 18 years she has traveled and studied in several countries. After high school graduation, she moved to Kiev and entered the University Dragomanova, the law faculty of distance learning, because she's always dreamed to help, to benefit people. Parallel to this, she worked in different areas: starting from the service sector and up to responsible positions in business projects in the field of fashion and art, was a volunteer. Then moved to Odessa, where she was one of the accomplices of designer clothes shop opening «Sister's dress gallery». In more than 2 years of work in this project, she managed to go through all the stages of a career ladder up to the leadership of the store. Scored valuable experience in the small business and strives for new challenges. Currently ending her last year of university.

Eugenia Yegorova: a root inhabitant of Odessa, very responsible and energetic person. After leaving school entered the Odessa National University by the name of I.I. Mechnikov, Faculty of Philosophy, distance learning. Worked alongside the art-cafe "Banderol" and "Alchemy", she was the soul of these institutions gained experience in this branch, supervised courses of hand-made in the "Alchemy". Was transferred to full-time education at the faculty of "Political Science", took part in the musical project «Virgins suicide», was a vocalist. Works in museum-art-club "Exit" and a sound engineer in the "Theatre on Tea", actively organizes themed evenings and meetings. Created and oversaw the project of kids cafe. She is currently a third-year student.